Project Status

The project is currently under development


CVS can be used to download the most recent version of revsync.


cvs checkout revsync

Update (from within dir)

cvs up


These are recent changes, or features that I plan to work on soon.

Working on

  • Make sure GUI is thread safe
  • XML writing/reading OK - needs testing
  • Recursive 'rvs' XML files OK - needs testing
  • Recursive Directory Tree OK - needs testing
Local OK
Remote OK


  • GUI
  • Local Tree model (non recursive)
  • Basic file comparison/action generation
Ignore files/dir check
  • ActionQueue? - ftp arbitrary files depending whats in queue
  • Progress meter
* Upload
* Download

Down the track

  • Make tree generation recursive
  • ftp capacity / intelligent
  • ETA estimation
  • Proper logging window - not console
  • Persistent configuration
  • Pluggable conflict merging (ACID/plain text,etc.)
  • Spanning multiple Hosts (??)

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